Combined steam-ultrasound treatment

With the combined application of steam and ultrasound (SonoSteam) delivered from specially designed nozzles, this technology can provide efficient microbial control for the food industries and the health care sector.

More than 70 applications available

SonoSteam offers more than 70 potential applications and has a large data base with different types of case studies performed in cooperation with food industries, healthcare and universities.

Green technology with low running cost

Quick burst of steam and ultrasound offers fast treatment with the market lowest running costs for most applications. Furthermore, the technology is safe, sustainable and environmental friendly.


The 22nd of November at the British Veterinary Poultry Association SonoSteam’s vice president, Niels Krebs is going to present a review of factory results on decontamination of poultry and egg

Niels KrebsVice President, SonoSteamSee the whole program here

SonoSteam updates.Table Egg Disinfection. SonoSteam is finalizing the development of a new disinfection technology for table eggs, with no use of chemicals