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SonoSteam’s vision

We at SonoSteam wish to counteract the current growth in dangerous and multi-resistant bacteria, which poses a threat to our society. Researchers and institutes warn that the critical challenge will become one of the biggest problems in the future.

At SonoSteam we take the rising risk of antibiotic resistance seriously. The risk and harm caused by bacteria can not fully be countered through chemicals, since this treatment method will likely increase the proportion of superbugs. Instead SonoSteam apply pure force to destroy bacteria, which has proven to be an effective and sustainable treatment.

Consumers ought not to become sick from the food they eat. The bare eye can not see the microorganisms that make you sick and trust between consumer and manufacturer is therefore a critical factor. This trust becomes injured by complaints and products being recalled. Food borne pathogens are hard to eradicate without harming the product, but SonoSteam has found a good balance.

As a patient in a hospital you should not experience, or worry about, getting infected with another disease caused by unhygienic conditions at the hospital. The mutated bacteria that survives standard cleaning methods are often antibiotic resistant, making the treatment very difficult. SonoSteam eliminates such bacteria in only a few seconds and secures the patient from further infections.

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Decontamination of food surfaces


Public perception and governments are continuously lowering the accepted level of food borne pathogens in the food industry. These pathogens have been hard to vanquish due to the sensitivity of visible changes on the product. This sensitivity has confined many treatment methods, but the SonoSteam technology causes significant reduction in pathogens without causing visible changes on the product.

Disinfection of surfaces stainless steel, glass and plastic


Sanitizing precautions are pointless if cross contamination is not managed. Transportation of products is always necessary and the products are often in danger of being contaminated. The bare eye can not see if the transportation equipment constitutes a microbial risk, therefore the manufacturer must trust the initial sanitation to be sufficient until end of production. SonoSteam can provide this certainty.

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Multi-resistant bacteria in hospitals pose a critical threat, according to WHO. To counteract this threat SonoSteam can contribute with innovative sanitation methods that are both quick, effective, and environmental friendly. Patients shouldn’t get sicker from visiting a hospital and the hygiene should therefore be the best possible. This vision of a better and faster treatment benefits both the patient and the hospital.

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Our history

As a consequence of the increasing discussion regarding food safety and microbiologically contaminated food in the mid-nineties, FORCE Technology became involved in a project concerning decontamination of food products by use of ultrasound in fluids.

At that time, FORCE Technology had already been engaged in ultrasound and its use in a number of fields, such as diagnostic, welding and other technical effects for 30 years.

From idea

In the late nineties a minor laboratory experiment was carried out.

The effect of ultrasound and steam was examined on poultry and bean sprouts, and it turned out that steam combined with ultrasound was capable of eliminating the microorganisms within a few seconds, without affecting the sensory quality.

This experiment created the opportunity for further development aiming to decontaminate sensitive surfaces by use of ultrasound and steam – the SonoSteam technology was born.

To reality

From the beginning of the millennium, the research was accelerated with further development of whistles and solutions for minimal processing, along with a number of tests of other applications.

Late 2001, it was clear that the technology was suitable for decontamination of sensitive surfaces such as food products, and FORCE Technology filed a patent application. In 2005, FORCE Technology launched the technology and received the “Innovation Award” at Foodtech Scandinavia, Northern Europe’s largest fair for food products and pharmatech.

January 2006, a new division in FORCE Technology was established with the sole purpose of further development of the SonoSteam technology, in order to provide documentation and commercialize.

The SonoSteam technology is now patented or patent applied for in more than 50 countries. Cooperation is ongoing with both national and international industries, universities, researchers and trade organizations.

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