Connecting food manufacturer and consumers through food safety

A significant number of people die every year because of pathogens from food products. It is specially critical for the very young, the elderly or those with compromised/weak immune systems. Better standards of food safety limits the risk food borne illnesses.

Consumer may not always understand the dangerous aspects of food microbiology and they have to trust the manufacturer. Complaints and products being recalled, have severe consequences for the trust between consumer and manufacturer. SonoSteam can apply direct value on to the product by increasing shelf life and improving food safety.

10 reasons for using SonoSteam

  • 1

    In-line application

  • Treatment in a few seconds

    Fast treatment

  • 3

    Low running costs

  • No chemicals treamtents

    No chemicals

  • Disinfection of surfaces stainless steel, glass and plastic

    No post-treatment wash.

  • Microbial analysis on surfaces

    Insures safe products.

  • SonoSteam technology ultrasound - steam treament

    Reduced risk and complaints of products being recalled

  • Cheese decontamination

    Increased shelf life

  • children eating chicken food safety

    Reduced risk of foodborne illnesses

  • Green technology


SonoSteam nozzle

How SonoSteam can improve your CSR policy

SonoSteam can also improve your company’s CSR profile. Steam and ultrasound has minimum negative impact on the environment and is therefore a green alternative to chemicals.

The rise of multi-resistant pathogens, or the so-called “superbugs” are being recognized as a serious threat to our future food safety and health. The excessive use of antibiotics and the inappropriate use of chemicals are some of the causes to bacteria becoming multi-resistant.

Superbugs are an increasing societal problem. The economical burden of food borne illnesses is high and includes lost earnings due to product recall and increase expenses related to health services such as laboratory diagnosis and treatments.
SonoSteam applies direct value on to the product by increasing shelf life and food safety. On non-food surfaces, SonoSteam increases hygiene significantly without posing any risk to the environment. Furthermore, the use of SonoSteam instead of chemicals makes post-treatment washing unnecessary, which ultimately saves water.