Berries and pathogens

Berries are common source of food poisoning because of the limited methods available for decontamination. Even a short rinse with clean water can effectively decrease shelf life. Berries are often linked to virus infections that can be very hard to eradicate. SonoSteam can improve the quality and safety by reducing pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, yeast and molds.

SonoSteam technology for disinfection of berries

SonoSteam technology has been tested on various types of different berries. Berries can respond very differently to the treatment. While some berries can be used as fresh products immediately after being treated with SonoSteam, others do not respond well and changes appear after just a few days at storage. In the latter case, it would be far more beneficial to treat berries that are going to be used as frozen products or processed into smoothies, yoghurts and juices. SonoSteam reduces or completely removes pathogens such as fungi, molds, bacteria and viruses and thereby increases the quality and food safety of the end product going to consumers.

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