Berry disinfection

Berries are common source of food poisoning because of the limited methods available for decontamination. Even a short rinse with clean water can effectively decrease shelf life. Berries are often linked to virus infections which can be very hard to eradicate.

A quick burst of steam and ultrasound can significantly improve the quality

A quick burst of steam and ultrasound have shown to have very positive effect on the reduction of bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses and on the shelf life of certain berries used as fresh products such as for juicing. Other more delicate berries, such as strawberries, can have the benefit of receiving SonoSteam just before going into freezer and thereby ensure a safe product for further processing into smoothies and yoghurts or even sold as frozen product.

SonoSteam decontamination of berries

SonoSteam for decontamination of berries is a continuous treatment with adjustable capacity to fit most production lines. The treatment has an integrated PLC system for full process control and monitoring during treatment.
The treatment with SonoSteam is completely safe and complies with the regulations for use on organic produce as it does not change the chemical composition nor leave any residues on the products.