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SonoSteam decontamination of hard and soft cheese for yeast and mold reductions

SonoSteam processes have been tested on various types of cheese including feta, brie, camembert, gouda and gorgonzola with successful reductions of yeast and molds. The processes are adjusted to each type of cheese to assure significantly high microbial reduction without causing negative changes to the appearance and taste. The processes can be constructed as continuous treatments that fit any process line.

SonoSteam decontamination of yeast on hard yellow (Gouda) cheese

SonoSteam processes with a maximum of 1 second, were applied on artificially contaminated gouda cheese with yeast levels of 4.35 log10 CFU/swab. SonoSteam process achieved 99.9% yeast decontamination in 1.0 second.  No changes in taste, smell and appearance were found when comparing treated and untreated cheese.

… tests have shown that this will increase shelf life an additional two weeks…

SonoSteam decontamination of mold on white brie cheese

Natural levels of white mold on 2 weeks old white cheese were found to be around log 7. The white mold on brie cheese covers the surface of the cheese and provides a delicate characteristic flavour. However, the continuous growth of the white mold may affect the appearance and give the cheese a bitter taste. The challenge is to provide a fast treatment that limits the growth of the white mold and thereby increase the shelf life.

More than 4 log mold reduction with SonoSteam

SonoSteam treatment achieves more than 4 log reductions on brie cheese in only 1 second, without affecting the cheese product. Preliminary tests have shown that this will increase shelf life an additional two weeks in the fridge inside original packaging.

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