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Niels Krebs




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Niels Krebs, CEO, SanovoBiosecurity, SonoSteam

Interdisciplinary vice president with over 30 years experience within the food sector, agricultural, industrial mass production and space. Having both degrees and experience within the field of engineering and business, makes me fully capable of implementing the journey of SonoSteam.

I am very passionate about finding new solutions that create value for companies, which furthermore causes value for their customers. Hygiene and food safety are dire causes for me and there is still a need for great improvement.

I am leading the SonoSteam division, a technology I invented in 2001 and I have been its main driver ever since. The team and I got an Innovation Award in 2005 and a Product Award in 2006. We are continuously working on realising the potential of SonoSteam.

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Jeppe Holt

R&D Development Engineer

I am a mechanical engineer who have been with SonoSteam since 2012.
I work with R&D of our ultrasonic generators, design of new equipment and concept development of new implementations of the SonoSteam technology.
My work is primarily based on CAD-drawing, construction of prototypes and test setups and experiments.

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Hanieh Sadat Musavian

Research Manager, Business development


Through my work, I am able to examine the potential dangerous sides of food products by studying microorganisms, their growth and adaptation in food processing environments. As an Engineer, I am able to use this knowledge to develop new approaches and technologies that would produce safe meals without compromising food quality. We are able to cope with these challenges by continuing to develop new sustainable solutions that can benefit our society and health.

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Rejan Gashi

R&D Engineer


Construction and resolution of Proof of Concept problems. building machines and setups that shows that a process can be implemented as a final process equipment.

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Tariq M. B.

Product & Business Manager

I have a technical and scientific nature that allows me to engage very deeply with problem solving and decision-making. My key working area is product development, process design, proof of concept and commissioning.
I adapt very easily to new customers and their problems, and have strong analytical skills to quickly understand customer priorities and build up a dialogue targeting the most critical challenges, which will bring us towards the final solution.

Partner in Healthcare

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Helle Bugge-Hansen

Saleschief at Semi Staal A/S
Mobile: +45 61 43 58 34
Phone: +45 49 25 25 14

Specialist in automatic hygiene solutions at hospitals. I have more than 20 years of experience in selling technical equipment to the healthcare sector.
Known as a serious and reliable person, taking good care of my customers and I always try to deliver the best possible solution. Excellent cooperation with SonoSteam for the last 4 years for disinfection systems for hospital beds and mattresses

Partner in Europe

SonoSteam member team

Oliver von Kauffmann

Sales Consultant at SonoSteam
Mobile: +46702501050