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Niels Krebs Vice President of SonoSteam

Niels Krebs

Vice president of SonoSteam


Interdisciplinary vice president with over 30 years experience within the food sector, agricultural, industrial mass production and space. Having both degrees and experience within the field of engineering and business, makes me fully capable of implementing the journey of SonoSteam.

I am very passionate about finding new solutions that create value for companies, which furthermore causes value for their customers. Hygiene and food safety are dire causes for me and there is still a need for great improvement.

I am leading the SonoSteam division, a technology I invented in 2001 and I have been its main driver ever since. The team and I got an Innovation Award in 2005 and a Product Award in 2006. We are continuously working on realising the potential of SonoSteam.