English slaughter plant fights Campylobacter with SonoSteam Technology

Poultry giant, Faccenda foods, has progressed to continuous application of SonoSteam technology

Faccenda foods, UK poultry plant, has progressed to continuous use of the SonoSteam technology to fight Campylobacter during slaughter. Campylobacter is one the most frequently reported causes of food poisoning, with more than 80% coming from poultry meat. The bacteria colonize the gut of domestic birds and is secreted via faeces. in Uk, it has been estimated that over 65% of all birds are contaminated with Campylobacter. Faccenda foods is determined to reduce this number with several interventions, one of being the noval steam ultrasound treatment.

No silver bullet to Campylobacter problem

SonoSteam and Faccenda foods agree that there is no silver bullet to the Campylobacter problem but both companies are very excited about the first proven trials. “We are very excited by results from our in-line trials, which prove that SonoSteam will work in the real world,” says Andy Dawkins, managing director of Faccenda Foods. “There is still a great deal of work for us all to do, but as part of our wider Campylobacter Action plan, I’m in no doubt that SonoSteam will help us significantly reduce levels of Campylobacter and improve food safety for consumers.”

More than 80% reduction in Campylobacter with SonoSteam process

The preliminary results have shown that SonoSteam achieves more than 80% in Campylobacter reduction on breast skin and on neck skin, which is the most contaminated area on a chicken carcass. These measurements were taken from the point where consumers would purchase and prepare the chicken.

SonoSteam vice president, Niels Krebs said “It’s important not to underestimate just how challenging it was to successfully conduct a technology trial in-line. The investment so far has been very significant, but the results show it has been worth it. Faccenda Foods now has a proven intervention that it is ready to operate on a continuous basis and can be applied to every chicken on the line. Importantly, the in-line trials have proven that SonoSteam can be a key technology in helping the poultry industry significantly reduce the risk from Campylobacter.”

June 11th, 2015 (Refrigerated & Frozen Foods) – Faccenda Foods Implements SonoSteam Technology

Integrating different interventions to solve Campylobacter problem

Faccenda Foods and ASDA have taken food safety in the kitchen to another level by introducing their award winning, Roast in a Bag product. The innovative packaging allows for direct roasting of chicken meat in the oven, skipping the part where consumers may catch an infection through handling and preparing. Faccenda Foods is now launching new chicken roast in a bag flavours, as well as expanding into turkey in time for Christmas.

Food standard agency risk management programs and 2015 Campylobacter target

The Food standard Agency in UK has proposed a new Campylobacter target. The new target is for poultry industry to reduce the numbers of the most contaminated birds in UK poultry houses from 27% to 10% by 2015. Risk management program has been developed to meet the target by a range of projects initiated to target different points across the food chain, from farm to fork.

Poultry decontamination in process