Conveyor belt disinfection

Conveyor belt disinfected in a fast and continuous SonoSteam treatment

Flat conveyor belt for cheese transportation can easily be cleaned and disinfected within one second in a continuous simple SonoSteam process. The steam consumption of this equipment is about 20-25 kg steam per steam-ultrasound whistle. The number of whistles depend on the width of the conveyor belt. Two whistles are adequate for a 30-40 cm wide conveyor belt. The process is continuous and the treatment occurs rapidly within one second. Trials performed online at a Danish dairy production plant have shown that the treatment with the conveyor belt disinfection reaches full bacteria and yeast/mold reduction every time.

Compact, convenient and cost-effective equipment

The equipment is small and compact containing a treatment chamber and a sound trap chamber. The equipment is installed directly at the process line as an integrated working unit.

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