Conveyor belt

Conveyor belts are one of the most important and most used transport systems in the food industry. They appear in most processing steps and connect raw unprocessed food to processed products. This connection increases risks of contamination and cross-contaminations from raw food to end products, such as ready-to eat foods. Therefore, there is a great need to clean and disinfect conveyor belts not only during production stoppages, but continuously in order to minimize contamination and cross-contamination to processed products. Microorganisms often survive and grow in areas that are difficult to clean. These areas are especially found inside the structures of modular belts and around the hinge pins. Flat unstructured belts with no holes do not have these problem areas. Nevertheless, food residues tend to elaborate on the surface, while high levels of dangerous microorganisms are shielded inside or underneath these residues where cleaning and disinfecting agents may not reach.

SonoSteam technology offers fast continuous treatment of any kind of flat conveyor belt and modular plastic conveyor belt

Steam is an excellent disinfection agent for such difficult areas, and when combined with the ultrasound, achieves exceptional performance beyond using steam alone. SonoSteam technology offers fast continuous treatment of any kind of structural belt without slowing down the production line and uses very limited space, so there is no need to make large changes to the production line. The technology uses limited steam and is chemical-free! This cost-effective technology achieves 100% microbial reduction with levels around log 5 within only 1-2 seconds.

Conveyor belt case

conveyer belt disinfection equipment