European Association of Research and Technology Organizations Awards 2015

Dutch TNO was awarded the prize in the category ‘Impact Delivered’ to develop welding torch 7XE EXTRACTOR which reduces at least 90% of the hazardous welding fumes away without compromising the quality of welds.

French CEA won in the category ‘Impact Expected’ to develop a new generation of ultra-fast carbon batteries, NAWACap. The batteries can be recharged in seconds and millions of times.

SonoSteam and other participants were awarded as the innovations (product or services) that have social and/or economic relevance, innovative originality, and have proven its impact on the market.

EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organizations) play a major role in the European innovation ecosystem. They work with both universities and industries in order to find practical solutions to the societal “Grand Challenges”, while creating economic growth and employment.

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