Egg disinfection

Egg disinfection with SonoSteam, is an effective long-lasting sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. The combined treatment of steam and ultrasound delivered by specially designed nozzles, ensures complete reduction of pathogens with no use of chemicals or water rinses. This technology alone removes more than 5 logs of pathogens on the inside and outside of the egg shell, without compromising egg quality.

SonoSteam nozzles on the table egg equipment

Hatching egg decontamination

SonoSteam hatching egg decontamination system applies only steam and ultrasound in a rapid continuous treatment of 1.5 seconds per tray. With capacities ranging from 60,000-300,0000 eggs/hour, this compact system can easily be integrated into your production site or replace dangerous chemical disinfection and thereby increase the green value of your product. Direct decontamination of eggs is by far the best-applied practice of pathogen control and SonoSteam reaches around 3-5log reduction with no negative impact on the hatchability. In fact, case studies indicate an increase in hatchability by 3.7% on eggs from old hens.

The equipment can be installed directly at an existing production line or be used as an alone-standing unit. The chamber conditions can adjust to any type of egg quality to ensure safe and optimized decontamination process without damaging the hatchability.

Fully automated system

The SonoSteam hatching egg machines can be integrated with the compact Sanovo Hatchery Packer for easy and fully automated packing of eggs into trays. This system can offer various capacities from 14,000 -24,000 eggs/hour. For a complete automation, we recommend the Sanovo Rame-Heart Trolley loader/unloader for easy and safe handling of hatching eggs on trollies.

Hatching eggs are one of the most important vectors of infection, were pathogens can cross-contaminate from the egg to the full-grown chicken. The sooner the infection is controlled, the greater are the chances to avoid cross-contaminations from farms to production sites.

Sonosteam hatching egg disinfection equipment
SonoSteam egg disinfection machine
SonoSteam treatment equipment

Table – egg disinfection

SonoSteam table-egg disinfection can easily integrate to existing egg production line without interfering with the production line speed. The system can adjust to most capacities and follow any speed changes and frequencies that may occur during a production. The system adjusts by a feed back to the PLC control panel that adjusts the chamber conditions accordingly. The product quality remains unaffected while the pathogen numbers are lowered for better food safety. The chamber construction is designed for full capacity usage and optimal steam consumption, providing a very efficient treatment at absolute minimal running costs.

Table egg disinfection equipment

Table egg installation and connections

General about the processes and equipment

All SonoSteam processes are equipped with a PLC computer, for convenient process control. The system automatically registers changes during processing and adjusts the temperature/pressure settings automatically to ensure stabile processing at all time. In case of any disruptions, the computer will inform by alarming through a beam-tower or by transmitting data to the operator.  Furthermore, the system moniters and saves all data for later view.

All SonoSteam processes are designed for long hours of trouble-free operation, and features a sturdy, reliable and service-friendly design. Hot surfaces of the equipment are protected behind doors with interlock. If these are opened during production, the emergency stop circuit will be activated.

All SonoSteam processes are CE-labeled to declare conformity with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

SonoSteam treatment equipment
Control monitor on the SonoSteam equipment