SonoSteam Treatment of Table- and Hatching-Egg


Egg is a unique and highly popular food product ingredient with many uses in traditional kitchens, both as cooked as well as raw product. However, improper kitchen hygiene and the use of unpasteurized raw eggs can cause food poisoning.  Because of the permeable nature of the egg shell, bacteria can sometimes reach the inner surface and contaminate eggs from the inside.

SonoSteam has designed a full-scale application for disinfection of table-egg. The technology uses only the combined effect from steam and ultrasound in a superfast continuous treatment of 1-2 seconds of exposure. The system can be installed directly on to the conveyor belt at the production site. The technology has demonstrated more than 5 logs reduction on surfaces of the egg shell, both outside and inside. The rapid treatment has no negative impact on egg quality.