SonoSteam Treatment of Table and Hatching Eggs

Table Eggs

Egg is a unique and highly popular food product ingredient with many uses in traditional kitchens, both as cooked as well as raw product. However, improper kitchen hygiene and the use of unpasteurized raw eggs can cause serious food poisoning. Trying to simply avoid contamiantions from surface-bound bacteria on the shell, when preparing a raw egg-based meal, is not always adequate . Because of the permeable nature of the egg shell, bacteria can sometimes reach the inner surface and contaminate eggs from the inside.

SonoSteam has designed a full-scale application for disinfection of table eggs. The technology uses only the combined effect from steam and ultrasound in a superfast continuous treatment of 1-2 seconds of exposure. The system can be installed directly on to the conveyor belt at the production site. The technology has demonstrated more than 5 logs reduction on all surfaces of the egg shell, both outside and inside. The rapid treatment has no effect on the egg content or the quality of the egg.

5 quick facts about SonoSteam egg decontamination

  • Full scale application available
  • SonoSteam treatment validated in factory trials
  • No changes in sensory and quality of table eggs
  • Complete reduction of more than 5 logs in Salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae initial levels
  • No effects on the AA graded table egg quality

Hatching Eggs

It is particularly problematic when pathogenic bacteria from the surface of the shell reaches inside the hatching egg and contaminate the new chick. This could eventually lead to low hatching capacity or high mortality rate of newborn chicks. The infected chicken can cause infections of other healthy chickens and thereby the spread of the pathogen throughout the whole production chain. Therefore, controlling pathogenic spread as early as possible is the key step to proper infection control.

The performance of SonoSteam treatment on hatching eggs has been demonstrated in large factory trials on eggs from old hens. Results show positive effect from the SonoSteam treatment on the hatching capacity as well as the absent of pathogenic bacterial loads on eggs.

Microbial reductions

Industrial application

SonoSteam offers full-scale application for continuous decontamination of hatching eggs and table eggs.

Hatching egg decontamination has a capacity of 120.000 eggs per hour, ideal for large production sites. The application can be integrated into most production plants or operate as a single standing unit with load and unload of traditional plastic egg hatching trays.

Industrial application of hatching egg disinfection.

Full scale application for table eggs disinfection fits most traditional production sites with large capacities. This machinery is integrated directly unto the egg transporting conveyor belt and adjusted to the processing time of the production plant. Therefore
All SonoSteam machineries use PLC for easy access and system control/monitoring of treatment parameters.

Industrial application of table egg disinfection

SonoSteam egg disinfection machine