Poultry processer, Faccenda Foods, plans to invest £1M in SonoSteam technology if the process can bring down levels of dangerous Campylobacter bacteria

Faccenda foods is one of UK´s biggest poultry processors with a turn over of more than 400£. This poultry processor plans to invest more than £1M to fight Campylobacter with the novel intervention SonoSteam. SonoSteam uses a combination of steam and ultrasound in a super fast 1.5 sec treatment. Extensive pilot scale trials significantly prove that this process reduces Campylobacter levels. The Danish Technology is ready to be tested under full slaughter conditions in the UK.

Faccenda Foods’ Technical Director, David Keeble, said: “Following an extensive series of trials earlier this year we are excited to be taking the SonoSteam technology to full scale trials at our Brackley factory. We look forward to working with SonoSteam, the FSA and our customers in the coming weeks as we install, run and validate this unique technology.” 

November 4th, 2014 (The Poultry Site) – Faccenda Foods Invests in Food Safety Technology.

Managing director of Faccenda Foods, Andy Dawkins said: “The SonoSteam technology is revolutionary in the fight against the risk of food infection. We believe SonoSteam can deliver a significant reduction in the number of cases of campylobacter foodborne infections attributed to chicken and will lead the way in setting industry standards.”

SonoSteam vice-president Niels Krebs added: “We have worked closely with Faccenda Foods in developing the technology to this point and we are confident that the next stage will demonstrate the effectiveness of this innovative approach.”

November 14th, 2014 (Campylobacter Joint Working Grup) – Faccenda Foods invest in SonoSteam technology to combat Campylobacter.

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