Installing SonoSteam food box disinfection at Skare Meat Packers – a modern Danish meat processor plant,

– A cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food

SonoSteam is installing its first Food box Disinfection equipment at Skare Meat Packers.

The food box disinfection project was initiated in cooperation with the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food that acknowledge this project as a part of their initiative to develop and apply green technologies and sustainable food projects. Skare Meat Packers are highly proactive in the concept of green technologies, improved food quality and food safety issues. Their common baseline with SonoSteam to develop new decontamination technologies was the beginning of a relevant project, that was welcomed and supported by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.

GUPD fund, a program by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food

GUPD is an acronym for Green Development and Demonstration Programme. The program seeks to create greater sustainability, while solving some of the climate and environmental problems facing society. GUPD subsidizes ambitious business oriented thinking in the Danish food industry through the dynamic interaction between sustainability, efficiency and value boost. The food box disinfection equipment is funded and supported by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.

Successful decontamination of Skare Meat food boxes with a super fast SonoSteam process of only 2 seconds per box

SonoSteam food box disinfection has shown that it can reduce microbe levels of 5-6 logs to full reduction in just 2 seconds. This revolutionary new system can easily be integrated into any fast process lines. The equipment for Skare Meat Packers has been custom made to fit their process line in terms of dimensions, line speed, position at the process line and other factors. SonoSteam processes are highly flexible and can be adjusted to any process line.

Skare Meat Packers and SonoSteam will soon invite to a demonstration

Food box disinfection has shown to be a rather popular application for controlling contaminations and cross-contaminations and as the demands for food safety are increasing, such solutions can potentially help decrease risk of contaminations to end products. SonoSteam will soon be able to demonstrate the equipment under real conditions.

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