CEO and President of FORCE technology is resigning after 35 years, while announcing his new journey as the Chairman for the new consulting GTS giant

– the merge of FORCE Technology and Delta

CEO and president of Force Technology, Ernst Tiedemann, resigns after 35 years of great achievements but his presence wount be missed, just yet, since he will be starting his new journey as the Chairman of the FORCE Technology- Delta merge.

DELTA and FORCE Technology creates together, one of Denmark and Scandinavia’s biggest GTS technology service companies. With approximately 1600 employees and over 1.5 billion DKK in turnover, the goal is to be the favorite Nordic impartial service- and knowledge partner within selected technology sectors.

The new organization will not only be able to offer even more unique competences and cover a larger part of the industry’s needs. “Together, we will be able to provide service to the industry throughout the value chain. From the initial idea to the approval of the product and inspection of production. And this in a new and digitalized world”, says Ernst Tiedemann, CEO, President of FORCE Technology.”

“Ernst Tiedemann has as CEO,  President had a decisive importance for FORCE Technology. He was the leading force through the 90’ies severe expansion, and since he in 2000 took over as President and CEO, FORCE Technology has increased the turnover fourfold with a constant positive bottom line”, says Chairman Erik Søndergaard, in complementary terms. “Apart from the post as CEO, President,  Ernst has taken a number of key positions in Danish industry, in order to ensure optimal competitiveness for Danish companies through technical solutions”.

On 1 May 2016, Ernst Tiedemann passes on the baton to the new CEO, President, Øjvind Andersen Clement, who today operates as CFO in FORCE Technology. He represents the Management of the merged company together with DELTA’s former President, CEO, Juan Farré, who’s new title will be Technical Director. Hereby, the continuity is ensured in both board as well as management.

FORCE Technology directors

Picture by Berlinske Business:

From left; The new CEO and President, Øjvind Andersen Clement. In the middle; Former CEO and President and now the Chairmann of the new FORCE Technology-DELTA organisation, Ernest Tiedemann. On right; Juan Farré, the Former president of DELTA and now the Technical Director.

From hard matter to soft matter – the beginning of the SonoSteam story

Force Technology has competences that expands the spectra of its own knowledge and image. A company known for being highly qualified in the technical field of energy and materials, welding technique, inspection and testing among many. lately, it has also been recognized as a company made to solve food safety issues in a much softer world of microbiology. The SonoSteam story begins with an idea of combining steam and ultrasound waves to treat surfaces of food products. This idea was highly encouraged by the CEO, president, Ernst Tiedemann who supported the progress all through the 15 years of journey and development. Ever since, SonoSteam have developed solutions for farms, food processing industries and hospitals

The technology can be applied anywhere where there is a need to reduce harmfull microorganism. “The application of this technology is great – only limited by the imagination” says Ernst Tiedemann.

In the picture shown below, Ernst Tiedemann (in the middle) is standing in front of the 2nd generation poultry decontamination equipment developed by SonoSteam. This equipment is planned to be shipped off to the UK where it will be used to treat millions of chickens every week to combat deadly bacteria. The poultry decontamintion technology is one of the many SonoSteam applications available.

FORCE Technology directors

FORCE Technology – DELTA merge is already a succes story

Both Force Technology and Delta are armed to convert engineering knowledge into practical and value-added solutions for the benefit of Danish industry. Both derive from the university environment. Both are born of the Academy for Technical Sciences 75 years ago. And both work in so many highly specialized niches that it is impossible to mention it all. In overall, they both spend more than one quarter of a billion Danish Krone annually on development.

Two institutes on top.
“The merger comes at just the right time”, says Jesper Haugaard, Chairman of DELTA. “DELTA stands, after 2015, with the best economic conditions for years – and with a robust, focused and competent organization”. Both FORCE Technology and DELTA came positively out of 2015, whereas both organizations enter into the merger with a robust economy and professionalism.
Juan Farré, CEO, President of DELTA, sees obvious future prospects in the merger, which will benefit the Danish industry. “FORCE Technology and DELTA will develop each other’s full potential. We are very similar to each other – in culture and business model, with high-technological consulting, development and facilities and complementary skills; without overlap. We will therefore together accommodate much more for many more”.