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FORCE Technology targets its efforts at transforming highly specialised technological knowledge into practical and cost-effective solutions for a broad number of industries worldwide.

FORCE Technology is a leading technological consultancy company. Specifically, we offer consultancy and services within energy, oil and gas, the maritime sector, manufacturing, the service sector and infrastructure.

What makes our services unique is that they are supported by a range of technologies and facilities, as well as by education and training. This enables us not just to advise on particular problems, but to find solutions to those problems for our customers. Our business takes its starting point in ten areas of expertise, each involving its own specialist knowledge and skills. Our specialists collaborate in interdisciplinary project teams as required by the assignment in question. This creates maximum value for you as a customer and means that you will always benefit from the most qualified solution.

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Research & development – the cornerstone of our work

We aim to ensure that we are always able to offer the most up-to-date knowledge and latest technologies when carrying out assignments for our customers, whether in the form of new or improved products, processes or methods. We therefore regularly participate in a wide range of research and development projects in close cooperation with large and small companies, and with leading research and development institutions, both nationally and internationally.

An international company

We are now an international company with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, China, Singapore and the United States. This development is largely a result of our constant striving to support our customers in the markets in which they operate.

Our customers are the focus of everything we do

With FORCE Technology, you have a partner that aims to enhance the value and improve the competitiveness of your company through innovative use of technology and know-how.

Empathy and understanding our customer’s situation are the key to the success of our company. It therefore goes without saying that building relationships with our customers is of paramount importance for us. If you choose FORCE Technology, you will bring on board a strategic partner whose primary goal is to develop and maintain financially responsible solutions that support your business.

Nine areas of expertise

  1. Energy, materials & welding
  2. Integrity management
  3. Maritime services
  4. Inspection & testing
  5. Metrology, chemical analysis, environment & management systems
  6. Sensor & NDE Innovation
  7. Certification
  8. SonoSteam®
  9. Education, training & courses.
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