SonoSteam Mattress Disinfection

– a cooperation with SEMI STAAL

Highly effective disinfection of hospital mattresses with SonoSteam treatment – for a safe hospital environment

Health care associated infections are infections that are acquired in healthcare settings such as hospitals. Hospitalized patients may acquire infection from the contaminated environment in hospitals. It has been estimated that for every 20 patients, one patient catches a disease as a result of unsanitized environments. Healthcare associated infections may be everything from pneumonias, urinary tract infections to septicemia, hepatitis, infectious diarrheas and other.

Proper infection control through hygiene standard procedures in hospital environments are crucial in order to prevent further diseases to hospitalized patients and costs from prolonged hospitalization.

SonoSteam can offer a broad range of disinfection solutions, all delivered as custom made equipment properly designed for convenient, easy and safe use. The hospital mattress is an example of this type of application. The hospital mattress equipment achieves 100% microbial reduction on mattresses in only 20 seconds!

Play the video and see the equipment running

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SonoSteam mattress disinfection equipment – 90 clean mattresses in only 1 hour

SonoSteam equipment for disinfection of hospital mattresses is designed to disinfect 90 mattresses in only one hour. Disinfection of Enterobacteriaceae, E. coli and Total Viable Counts (TVC) was investigated on contaminated mattresses with bacteria levels of 5 log units. In all cases, the SonoSteam processes achieved full bacteria reduction.

SonoSteam mattress disinfection equipment is constructed as a continuous process where a conveyor belt transfers mattresses in and out of the equipment. Start and stop actions as well as temperature are monitored on a PLC computer.

Mattresses are lifted automatically on to the conveyor belt which takes them through the disinfection chamber one at the time and then further into the integrated drying chamber. After drying, the mattresses can be loaded on to the bed by just pushing down a handle.

Mattress disinfection is easy and convenient in use. The automatic disinfection lowers the risk of staff becoming ill or carriers of pathogens to patients in and outside environment, because they are no longer involved in manually cleaning the surface of mattresses.

The first implementation at Hvidovre Hospital

A cooperation with SEMI STAAL

The hospital mattress disinfection project was performed in cooperation with SEMI STAAL. SEMI-STAAL is one of the European market leaders and pioneers in industrial cleaning and logistic handling systems for returnable packaging. Industrial solutions cover semi- to fully automatic systems for crates, tubs, bins and pallets with a capacity range from low to high speed solutions.

SonoSteam and SEMI STAAL initiated their work on the mattress disinfection system in 2014. SonoSteam delivered the steam-ultrasound technology and chamber construction designs and SEMI STAAL completed the product and development of the equipment shortly thereafter. The mattress disinfection system is now used in a Danish hospital.

Mattress disinfection machine