UK Poultry plant invests in food safety

Faccenda Foods plans to implement SonoSteam technology at their production site

SonoSteam technology is soon to be implemented at one of UK´s biggest poultry producers. The plans are to implement a full scale equipment directly at the process line to test and validate the process under commercial conditions during slaughter. Trials will be performed in the following months to determine Campylobacter reductions.

January 28th, 2015.  (Food Standard Agency, UK) – Faccenda Foods starts SonoSteam trials 

SonoSteam equipment installations started in December 2014 and the trials started in the new year 2015. Faccenda Foods Technical Director, David Keeble commented on the situation “Following an extensive series of trials earlier this year we are excited to have brought the SonoSteam® technology to full scale trials at our Brackley factory. We look forward to finding out the trial results with SonoSteam, the FSA and our customers in the coming weeks as we continue to run and validate this unique technology

Food Standard Agency wrote: “The Food Standards Agency has been a keen supporter of this innovative approach to tackle campylobacter and achieve the 2015 Campylobacter Reduction

Results from upcoming trials will be published during late summer period where extensive results and knowledge will be gathered for understanding of the full effect of the SonoSteam technology. The summer period is the season that causes the most cases with food poisoning for two main reasons; birds have a naturally higher load of campylobacter infection and secondly, grill season is up and proper handling of meat products are neglected. SonoSteam and Faccenda Foods are keen to test the SonoSteam process during cold and warm season to understand its full effect.

Facts on Campylobacter infection

  • Campylobacter is the bacterium that causes intestinal infections and the disease Campylobacteriosis
  • Campylobacter infections are generally mild but can cause death in very young children or elderly people.
  • Campylobacter is specially dangerous to immunocompromised individuals and people with serious illness.
  • Campylobacter inhabits the intestinal tract of animals such as birds and cattles and therefore frequently detected in foods processed from such animals.
  • Campylobacter can be killed by heat through proper cooking and the infection can be prevented by following basic food hygiene practices in the kitchen.
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