Industrial meat knives

Disinfection of industrial meat knives

Industrial meat knives are used to cut contaminants from the surfaces of beef carcasses. Modern and fast operating meat processing plants often experience the challenges of keeping the meat knives disinfected during processing. Conventional cleaning techniques use immersion in a hot water bath of 82°C termed “sterilizators”. Knives are hand washed in water at 20-40°C followed by brief immersion (less than 10 s) in 82°C. However, the fast line speeds often cause less immersion time of within just a few seconds. These short immersions are not effective on microbial kill.

The two-knives disinfection system and other applications are not effective

In an attempt to solve this problem, manufacturers are using the “two-knives” disinfection system, in which one knife is sitting in the hot batch while the other is used to cut. After each cut, knives are switched. This method is not only detrimental to worker safety, but may also be counter-productive for sanitation. Observations indicate thatknives soaking in hot water  for more than 10s causes coagulation and sticking of proteins on to the blade’s surface and especially on the site where steel and handle are connected. After many hours of use, the knives have accumulated so many contaminants that bacteria actually survive inside of the debris even after being exposed to the hot water. There have been experiments with using lower temperatures (60-65ºC) in  water baths. Unfortunately, the microbial reductions were not effective at these temperatures. Clearly, modern and new disinfection processes for sanitizing knives are necessary.

Decontamination of knives

SonoSteam processes reach full microbial reduction within only 1 second.

SonoSteam processes offer a safe design for disinfection of meat knives. The equipment uses only steam and no chemicals! Heat and steam from the system are removed by an integrated ventilation system. The design of such equipment can be made as a separate and compact unit for knife disinfection only or as a multi-cleaning system than can disinfect knives together with other types of tools such as metal fabrication gloves, food boxes or bins.

Trials with naturally contaminated meat knives have shown that the SonoSteam process reaches full microbial reduction within only one second.

Cases with meat knives

Meat knives disinfection