Chicken and Turkey Cut Parts

Testing chicken wings

Looking for an effective solution for chicken or turkey cut parts?

  • To increase shelf life and quality?
  • To improve food safety?
  • with no use of chemicals?
  • A compact small easy fitting solution?
  • With no fixed requirements to process time?
  • No adverse changes to the product?
  • already in use in cut up plants?

The SonoSteam disinfection for chicken and turkey cut parts is a continuous application with  rapid process times of 1-2 seconds. The application reaches microbial reductions of 80-95% directly on the product. The product remains unaffected and ready to be packed.

The technology is completely free of chemicals and thus no residues will build on to the product.

SonoSteam technology uses only steam and ultrasound produced simultaneously from a specially designed nozzle. The nozzles is maintenance free and has no moving parts.

Lean more about SonoSteam process. 

The SonoSteam process for cut parts is already in use in the industry making a huge difference in the quality and the safety of the meat for poultry producers.

Chicken and Turkey Cut Parts

SonoSteam treatment equipment

Same machine, multiple applications

The SonoSteam disinfection system can be applied on a broad range of food products. Apart from poultry cut parts, the same system can also be applied on fish products, large block of cheese and eggs. It can be converted to include small sized food products such as berries, nuts and seeds. The flexible construction and the compact size of this module allows for easy and quick changes to fit the size and requirement of food products. Such adjustments will provide optimal use of the process in terms of microbial reduction and running cost.

System configurations and process adjustments

In its “original” format, the system is equipped with a conveyor belt that allows for continuous treatment. The chamber size is kept at minimum which is ideal for e.g. chicken cut-parts but can be expended for treatment of large cheese blocks. The system can be equipped with up to six SonoSteam nozzles, depending on the product type. The most common treatment time used on such equipment is around 1 sec corresponding to a conveyor speed of  80 fpm or 0.4 m/s but it can be adjusted to keep up with most existing production line speeds.

Conveyor belts, chamber size, speed, temperatures and number of nozzles are all flexible parameters that can be adjusted to deliver optimal disinfection for an existing production line.

The system is available with an integrated PLC system for adjustment, control and monitoring of all parameters. Additional software system can be installed for remote control features and thereby access to the system at any time and any place.

Hello there! Would you like to know more about what we can do on other food products, chicken parts, cheese, eggs etc. Let me know  if you have any questions.

Continuous process or a free fall?

– What works for your food product?

This original format exists in two different configurations; the Straight model and the Drop Model.

Multifunctional SonoSteam disinfecion machine

Straight Model

The Straight Model is equipped with an open structural conveyor belt that allows treatment from above and from below. This model is ideal for cheese decontamination, different types of meat cut-parts and small sized food products.

Multifunctional SonoSteam disinfection system

Drop Model

The Drop Model allows a free-fall of the product from one conveyor to another lower standing conveyor. While the product is falling/flipping a quick burst of treatment occurs targeting all sites of the product at once. This type of treatment is ideal for irregular sized heat sensitive food products where a quick all-around treatment provides effective decontamination without changing food sensory and quality.

One system for a broad range of food products

We often acknowledge that our costumers requirements and success criteria for an optimal decontamination process are best met when we can offer a customized system for their production line. However, such solutions can often lack the big picture in understanding the system and its performance. Our Multifunctional disinfection system is a midway to a tangible solution. Furthermore, the system can operate on its own as a alone-standing unit, which offers the opportunity to test and evaluate the system directly at the production line without any interruptions.