Antimicrobial resistent bacteria petri plates

Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiotics are considered as one of worlds wonder discoveries. After its discovery by Alexander Fleming, a new era of modern medicine was initiated with the possibility of performing…

Chicken decontamination

Concerns Regarding UK’s Future Food Safety

A bilateral trade deal is currently being negotiated between the US and UK, due to the execution of Brexit. The potential loosening of current EU-enforced food safety has caught the attention of British media…

food safety conference

SonoSteam at Food Safety Conference in the US

Vice President and inventor of the SonoSteam technology, Niels Krebs, had the pleasure to attend this year’s 5th annual food safety conference at the Branson Convention Center in Branson, Missouri. He was invited to …

Pathological bacteria

WHO takes action on the antibiotic resistance crisis

WHO has recently published a list of antibiotic resistant microbes in order to increase focus on a globally growing threat. The list contains 12 families of bacteria, that have acquired multiple resistant to several antibiotics. These organisms pose a great risk to …

Media coverage on SonoSteam

June 2018, (Foodmanufacture) – Morrisons has upper hand in chicken bug war

September 2017, WATT PoultryUSA Magazine – How UK Poultry Companies are Controlling Campylobacter

12th January, 2017 (Food&Drink Business Europe) – SonoSteam Technology Tackling Campylobacter in Poultry

Morrisons – Morrisons Campylobacter update 2016

25th February, 2016 ( – The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has today published the latest results from its survey of campylobacter on fresh shop-bought chickens

25th February, 2016 (Foodmanufacture) – Food industry ‘winning fight against Campylobacter’

1st October, 2015 (Foodmanufacture) – The number of people infected by campylobacter in England and Wales is rising

16th September, 2015 (Cargill) – SonoSteam technology as part of farm-to-fork commitment to reduce Campylobacter levels

14th September, 2015 (WORLD PULTRY) – Faccenda has more than halved the percentage of campylobacter on whole birds

11th June, 2015 (Refrigerated & Frozen Foods)- Faccenda Foods Implements SonoSteam Technology

28th May, 2015 (ITV News) – Food poisoning bug found in 73% of shop-bought chickens

26th May, 2015 ( – Asda pledges commitment to combat Campylobacter

28th January, 2015 (Food Standards Agency) – Faccenda Foods start SonoSteam trials

2nd January, 2015 (Børsen) -Bakteriedræber skal fylde Force Technologys’ lommer

10th November, 2014 (Farmers Weekly) – New technique to cut campylobacter in poultry

10th November, 2014 (Landbrugs Avisen) – Pris 2 øre: Ultralyd og damp fjerner kampylobakter i kylling

10th November, 2014 (FødevareWatch) – Økokyllinger er fyldt med bakterier

9th November, 2014 (Politiken) – Ultralyd og damp fjerner farlige bakterier i kylling

9th November, 2014 (DR.DK-Viden) – Dansk opfindelse kan fjerne farlige bakterier i kylling

5th November, 2014 (Food Supply) – Dansk bakteriedræber testes hos britisk fjerkræslagteri

4th November, 2014 (The Poultry Site) – Faccenda Foods Invests in Food Safety Technology

4th November, 2014 (Ingeniøren) – Engelsk slagterigigant tester dansk bakteriedræber.

28th October, 2014 (Meat Info.Co.UK) – Faccenda Foods invests £1M to fight campylobacter

29th October, 2014 (Insider) – Faccenda set to invest £1m to curb Campylobacter spread

30th October, 2014 (The Grocer) – Faccenda trials steam and ultrasound technology to reduce Campylobacter

July 3rd, 2014 (GTS) – Ny teknologi bruges til at desinficere hospitalsmadrasser

June 7th, 2013 (Ingeniøren) – Nye hospitaler kræver nye materialer

November 5th,, 2005 (Ingeniøren) – Fødevarepris til ny form for bakteriebekæmpelse