SonoSteam poultry crate wash and disinfection

Poultry crate wash and disinfection equipment – designed for testing on full size poultry crates

The poultry crate wash and disinfection was designed solely for treating and testing full size poultry crates. This poultry crate wash and disinfection equipment reaches 99-100% Campylobacter, Enterobacteriaceae and TVC reduction within seconds, disinfecting crates by means of steam and ultrasound. A crate water wash unit pre- or post- the disinfection can be integrated directly to the equipment for a complete clean surface. However, crate wash is only optional since the disinfection itself is not dependent on an immediate washing step.

Poultry crate disinfection – easy to use and highly effective

The poultry crate disinfection can be controlled by means of treatment time, number of steam ultrasound nozzles, pressure, ventilation, steam consumption and temperatures. These physical parameters are applied to adjust and identify optimum conditions. The poultry crate disinfection is a continuous treatment whereby crates are automatically transferred through the entrance doors by a conveyor at a given treatment time. While crates are completely inside the equipment, the doors closes on both sides to minimize steam consumption. The crate travels continuously through the chamber and out on the other side – ready to be retrieved.

Poultry crate disinfection – a rapid and cost effective process

The poultry crate disinfection equipment has many advantages. It operates fast (less than 12m/min); allows for treatment adjustments if needed; and it can be easily integrated into any process line for continuous online trials. It is estimated that the poultry crate disinfection system can disinfect over 400 crates per hour using minimal steam consumption and costs.

SonoSteam crate washer – Highlight

SonoSteam poultry crate wash and disinfection will make it easier to control contaminations and cross-contaminations at poultry plants. The equipment is easy to use and operates at poultry line speed. Thanks to the green use of steam and ultrasound, this treatment is highly cost-effective and makes no use of chemicals – a perfect solution for modern and fast running poultry plants. The next step for this testing equipment is to optimize the speed to get faster treatments and thereby increase the numbers of crate disinfection per hour.

“The SonoSteam technology can be used for other disinfection purposes also found at slaughter plant and food industries”