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Achieve 98% reduction with SonoSteam

SonoSteam is a combined treatment of steam and ultrasound. The steam itself reduces bacteria while ultrasound enhances the treatment. Steam and ultrasound are produced simultaneously from the same nozzle. The process time is within seconds and can be adjusted to the actual slaughtering speed.
Proper chamber designs are crucial for optimal acoustics effects and steam flow from each nozzle.  Furthermore, accurate construction ensures optimal organoleptic performance and minimum steam consumption. The uptake of heat into the product is very limited and therefore you cannot see any visual changes on the product. Likewise, there is no additional need for chilling.

SonoSteam increases shelf life with about 1-2 days depending on initial levels.

SonoSteam nozzle

Microbial reduction and product quality

Laboratory tests

Documentations of SonoSteam performance come from the five installations we have up to this date. We use the information to compare and see how the systems works across the different locations. All five installations show very similar and stable reductions, all through the years they have been working (2-4 years). During the warm seasons, the Campylobacter levels on birds are often found to be higher than the permitted infectious dose of 3 log or higher than 1,000CFU.

Below are the achieved reductions for all five installations shown in a histogram. The graph shows that higher reductions are achieved with higher initial levels.

Campylobacter reduction

These results are from inline applications where ongoing samples are taken to check for process stability.

Let me know if you would like more detailed information about SonoSteam IA Poultry performance and microbial results. Please feel free to contact me at any time

About the equipment for poultry disinfection (IA Poultry)

The equipment (IA Poultry) is a full-scale application designed and approved for use at slaughterhouses.
The equipment is easily integrated into the process line and we can provide this service for you. It comes in three pieces, a chamber and two sound traps.
We recommend placing the equipment at the chiller line, just before the chiller, or in a separate room inside of the chiller. This would provide the best results in terms of microbial reduction and product quality.
The equipment needs steam supply of 5-6 bar and is driven by maximum 3.5bar and minimum at 2.7bar.

Running costs

SonoSteam is among the cheapest interventions judged on cost per bird versus achieved reductions.
At 12,000 birds per hour, the energy cost corresponds to 0.0025 EUR per bird or 27 EUR per hour.

The consumption of steam is on average 25kg/h per nozzle and depends somewhat on the steam pressure applied.

Support and services

We offer online support with personal login but arranged so that any issues can be followed by relevant persons through changing shifts. You can find the support site on our website.
We perform ongoing optimizations and improvements of our equipment: new operating features, software updates and ongoing improvements of the treatment to further improve results and we will keep you in the loop at all times.
We provide optional service of the equipment once a year where we change the most important components including the nozzles. We will notify you when it’s time for the service to take place.

Interested in knowing more about the IA Poultry system and the possibility for introducing this into your production plant? Please feel free to contact me for further information

Hanging bird inside chamber
Hanging bird in chamber with steam-ultrasound


SonoSteam offers visit to poultry plant to see the equipment

SonoSteam offers visit to Sweden or UK where the IA Poultry installations are running today. We can arrange for a visit to the poultry site upon request.
Agenda for the visit: Visitors are invited to stay at a local hotel the day before the visit. There will be a meeting in the morning before going to the plant to see the equipment, where we go through all details about the system. Your meeting and the visit can be accompanied with other visitors because we do get many requests for seeing the equipment. We will announce the visitor list some days before the visit. If you do not wish to accompany other visitors, then let us know.

Please note that visit must be arranged at least a month before the visit takes place. We cannot guarantee the visit to take place at the time requested but we will try our best.

Send your request for a visit via this form:

The data continue to show an improvement from the previous year. Interventions, including improved biosecurity, SonoSteam, and the trimming of neck skins, introduced by some retailers to reduce levels of campylobacter, may be helping to deliver the improved results.

We’re already seeing significant results from some of these trials including an impressive 80% reduction on both the neck and breast skin following the implementation of a steam process – SonoSteam.

Morrisons is committed to only use suppliers with demonstrable Campylobacter reduction plans. All of our Key suppliers have a least one process intervention in order to reduce levels of campylobacter, these are:

Sonosteam systems ( this is a steam/ ultrasound system)
Secondary scalding
Rapid surface chilling