IA Poultry for chicken carcass decontamination

SonoSteam Poultry equipment

IA Poultry decontamination equipment offers various new features for effective, safe and easy decontamination of fresh slaughtered broiler carcasses. This new design offers high flexibility in installation requirements, has considerably reduced dimensions, good hygiene features, including optional CIP and smart process control.

The adjustable process fits any line capacities from 8,500  – 15,000 birds/hour. Preferable to be installed at the chill line just after the rehanger and before entering the chiller itself. At this stage the risk for further cross contamination is low i.e. due to manual handling of birds. The IA Poultry is being recognized as one of a kind in this field, which has proven success in reducing Campylobacter – an infectious and deadly bacteria  commonly found on broiler surfaces.

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The data continue to show an improvement from the previous year. Interventions, including improved biosecurity, SonoSteam, and the trimming of neck skins, introduced by some retailers to reduce levels of campylobacter, may be helping to deliver the improved results.

The four installed systems process nearly 4 million broilers in the UK per week. Ongoing trials at the plant has shown more than 80% Campylobacter reduction as well as an extended shelf life. Not only does the system potentially decrease foodborne illness, it adds direct value to the product.

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Smart system control

All biological matter may respond differently to changes introduced in its environment. The constant mechanical and physical exposure of scalding tanks, defeathering, evisceration and numerous of washing steps, all influences both the microbial spread and survival as well as the biological and physical characterizations of the skin and meat. The SonoSteam IA Poultry is equipped with a control panel, a PLC computer, for convenient process control. The system automatically registers changes during processing and signals back to the control panel for adjustments to take place inside of the treatment chamber. These changes are performed to constantly preserve the quality and sensory appearance of the broilers, while ensuring effective microbial kill. The PLC system monitors and saves data such as temperature, pressure stability, level of sound etc. for later view. The system also monitors changes such as steam coming from the boiler. If the boiler fails to deliver optimal steam flow, the system will alert through a tower beam and start transmitting data to the main operator. The operator can be situated at any location and still be able to communicate with the system by controlling parameters through a remote or via a web connection.

Hygiene and safety

It is in our interest to meet the highest standards for safety, reliability and hygiene.

All versions of the IA Poultry are designed for long hours of trouble-free operation, and features a sturdy, reliable and service-friendly design. Hot surfaces of the equipment are protected behind doors with interlock. If these are opened during production, the emergency stop circuit will be activated. The new designs are improved for easy cleaning and are equipped with optional integrated CIP systems.

All versions of the IA Poultry are CE-labeled to declare conformity with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

Easy flexible installation with alternative configurations

The new IA Poultry is compact and consist of modules to make many layouts possible. Optionally the system can be installed from the ceiling above the line to gain floor space and free working areas.

One element of the equipment is the sound damping inlet and outlet compartments. These two compartments preserve working environment regarding sound level so that ear protection is not mandatory. The system can be reduced to 1/3 of its original size by going without the sound damping compartments. in this case, the SonoSteam equipment can be placed inside of a restricted area, where ear protections are mandatory.