SonoSteam at the Poultry Federation 5th annual Food safety conference in US

Vice President and inventor of the SonoSteam technology, Niels Krebs, had the pleasure to attend this year’s 5th annual food safety conference at the Branson Convention Center in Branson, Missouri. He was invited to give a speech on SonoSteam technology for poultry disinfection. The main topics were Salmonella and Campylobacter control, using different approaches including peracetic acid, ozoniated water, vaccines and SonoSteam. The conference was a success with more than 300 attendees all professionals in food safety, industry representatives and members of the academic community. “The exchange in knowledge and networking possibilities is the absolute best way of fighting for our food safety. SonoSteam is open to share any knowledge in the field of food safety  -says Niels Krebs”.

Niels Krebs presented the new technology for poultry surface decontamination (The IA Poultry) which is currently being applied in two different slaughterhouses. The technology was up running in late 2014 at Faccenda and the beginning of 2015 at Cargill.

Cargill introduces SonoSteam

Faccenda the first to invest in SonoSteam

Both slaughterhouses have already achieved great success. The drive and commitment from the two slaughterhouses to reduce campylobacter has already payed off since the number of human cases with foodborne illnesses has dropped by 100,000 in UK in 2017 comparing to last year. This emphasizes the importance in working together to achieve sustainable solutions –  says Niels Krebs.

The government of UK are working progressively to further bring down the numbers of human cases and SonoSteam is considered as one of the three approaches of bringing down foodborne illnesses.

Proven results – Food Safety Standards, UK.

About The Poultry Federation

The Poultry Federation (TPF) is a trade association that relies on membership support to support its representation of the poultry and egg industry. The three states represented are Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  TPF promotes and protects the interests of the industry and is a unified voice before the state governments.

poultry broiler carcass slaughterplant

SonoSteam online application at Faccenda Foods

Faccenda foods, UK poultry plant, has progressed to continuous use of the SonoSteam technology to fight Campylobacter during slaughter. Campylobacter is one the most frequently reported causes of food poisoning, with more than 80% coming from poultry meat...