Application Laboratory

Interested in using SonoSteam at your facilities?

Are you looking for a fast and efficient decontamination without the use of chemicals? Even though many showcases have been documented, you may want to test SonoSteam on your products or in your processes. SonoSteam Application Laboratory can customize the setup for your application and establish an off line Proof of Concept according to your criteria of success.

Discussing SonoSteam project

A standard procedure for testing your product with SonoSteam Application Laboratory:

    • Discuss issues with decontamination and disinfection at production site or facility, in order to establish where and how to apply the SonoSteam technology.
    • Define success criteria for microbial decontamination at the production site or facility.
    • Preliminary pilot scale tests with SonoSteam at our facilities. Application laboratory can perform tests with contaminated samples from the production site or facility.
    • Identify decontamination/disinfection process conditions and results with SonoSteam
    • Present of result to clients.
    • Suggest next step in SonoSteam equipment design.
    • Implement SonoSteam equipment.

Did you know that the SonoSteam treatment only takes a few seconds to disinfect most surfaces? If your interested in knowing more about the process, just start a dialogue by sending a message here.

Highly skilled laboratory

The Application Laboratory is skilled in performing many types of tests and analyzes. Our staff are qualified in a broad range of fields including microbiology and cell biology to mechanics and physics. This combination of skills provides high standards for handling and testing specific products with SonoSteam decontamination processes.

Initial cooperation between the client and Application Laboratory

Our clients are often very interested in factual proof of SonoSteam decontamination processes on their specific product. The Application Laboratory has a simple procedure for product testing. The laboratory and the client agree on specific success criteria (microbial reductions, sensory changes, costs etc.) and discuss different possibilities for equipment designs. After all agreements are in place, the Application Laboratory takes over in regards to the testing, but clients are always welcome to observe and contribute with their knowledge. The best results are based on a solid cooperation.

Testing with SonoSteam processes

Most often, the client provides a sample of the product, which has been subjected to natural contamination and other possible conditions that may be found at their facility. The Application Laboratory starts by testing different types of SonoSteam processes in order to identify an optimal condition. For this purpose, the laboratory may use one or more of the different SonoSteam testing equipment’s. When the optimal conditions are found, more samples may be requested in order to perform a pilot plan experiment with repetitive numbers of runs.

Microbial analysis

Often, we offer and provide microbial analysis at our facilities unless there is a specific test that we would believe an external laboratory is more qualified to do. We are capable of performing a wide range of testing and analyses on very different types of food and non-food products. This service provides our clients with quick first hand results on SonoSteam performance.

Data handling

Application Laboratory performs data handling in form of statistics, analysis and presentation for a complete finalization of the gathered data. The laboratory can provide the results in any forms necessary. Clients are offered to share their results in published pre-viewed articles or other similar publication. If they wish to remain anonymous or not to publish any data, a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be performed to keep all data between the two parties.

Application laboratory – Fields of Expertise


We offer a wide range of analysis on food and non-food products

We test your food product for:
  • Bacteria, pathogens, yeast and mold contamination and reduction
  • Shelf life
  • Sensory analysis (Organoleptic and sensory panel, colormeter, physical measurements)
  • Cleaning and disinfection effects
We provide a wide range of testing methods and analysis of foods:
  • Skin sampling
  • Swabs sampling
  • Rinse methods
  • Count plates
  • Contact plates
  • Direct counts
  • Tests on sterilized surfaces
  • ATP analysis

Microbial Analysis

We offer a wide range of microbial analysis:

  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella
  • TVC
  • E. coli and coliform
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Listeria
  • Pseudomonas
  • Lactococcus
  • Yeast
  • mold
Hospital aquired microbes could be:
  • Klebsiella
  • Staphylococcus
  • Enteroccocus
Antibiotic resistant microbes
  • ESBL
  • CRE
  • VRE
  • MRSA

Decontamination Analysis

We offer a wide range of decontamination processes:

  • Batch disinfection/decontamination processes
  • Continuous disinfection/decontamination processes
  • Disinfection/decontamination processes with varying treatment time
  • Interval processes for disinfection/decontamination
  • fluid bed systems
  • high pressure/low pressure systems
  • Processes designed for heat sensitive products