A simple concept using a minimal process with great benefits

Through the years, SonoSteam has managed to show that a simple combination of steam with ultrasounds – a minimal process, can change the way we think about hygiene practices and disinfection processes. Imagine a process that can replace or minimize the use of dangerous chemicals. Decrease the amount of water supply for water rinses and save time and extra costs on disinfections. Taking hygiene practices to a green and environmental-friendly level should not be a complicated and costly affair.

SonoSteam is the combined effect of steam and ultrasound which offers new process possibilities for effective food disinfections and hygiene practices

The combined effect from steam and ultrasound are delivered through specially designed nozzles. This simple construction offers easy and effective disinfection on broad range of surfaces. Whether your goals are improving food safety or applying better hygiene practices, you might want to consider SonoSteam.

Learn more about the principles of SonoSteam

The application of SonoSteam processes has already been demonstrated in food industries and in healthcare settings. Custom-made equipment is specially designed to meet the requirements and goals. SonoSteam equipment provides high flexibility, easy to clean and long operating time with minimal costs.

Green chemical free process – safe for consumers and the environment

Since chemicals are often banned for direct use on food products, food industries are often left with no solutions, other than terminating their productions. Furthermore, the increasing demands in hygiene practices gives rise to alternative disinfections. Although there do exist a broad range of alternatives, only limited chemical free disinfection options are available for heat sensitive food products. SonoSteam processes can be designed and adjusted to most types of food products. The criteria are significant high microbial kill, without compromising food quality. All SonoSteam processes are completely free from chemicals, and direct application on food products comply with the rules of food legislation. SonoSteam processes are in no risk for the health of the food consumer or the environment.

A process ideal for heat sensitive food products

SonoSteam is a short treatment ideal for decontamination of delicate food products. The small size of the microorganisms makes them particularly vulnerable to concentrated and instant steam treatment. Instant heat can kill microbes while the process is stopped before heat can thermally damage the food product. Customized decontamination processes are available depending on the type of food product and other requirements such as maximum microbial reduction needed and the maximum treatment time required.

SonoSteam process offers effective disinfection as a part of chemical free hygiene practices for food industries and health care sectors

SonoSteam process – a part of effective hygiene practices

All SonoSteam processes are ideal for modern and fast operating production plants that are looking to minimize risk of contamination and cross contaminations. Furthermore, the process can be designed to operate at your process line speed. Hence no delays are added as a concenquence of getting a better hygiene. Most processes can be designed for continous use, in which the products or surface is disinfected during production. This means that there is no need to shut down process line at any time.


Food contact surfaces in food industries or surfaces in the health care sectors are made from various numbers of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, wood, concrete and fabric. Due to the very different physical properties of materials, a disinfection must be approved, adjusted or designed properly in order to work at a hundred percent range each time. However, often we forget to review the damaging abilities the disinfectant could have on the respective surface. Constant disinfection with any type of disinfecting agent, could potentially damage the surfaces over time. This is the reason why SonoSteam offers custom made equipment with maximum process control. The ultrafast minimal process is adjusted to perform at maximum efficiency, without damaging the surface overtime.

Examples of SonoSteam tested products