What to do with defective pressure sensor?

a. Water inside the pressure sensor

To do:

1. Unscrew sensor top
2. Check for water and/or sign of corrosion
3. Replace seal and allow time to dry. Replace if corroded

Why is there no output signal?

a. No supply voltage

To do:

1. Check and correct supply voltage

b. Cable break, incorrect connection

To do:

1. Check and correct connecting cables

c. No input pressure

To do:

1. Check and correct connection to the pressure medium

d. Fault in pressure transmitter, caused by impermissible operating conditions

To do:

1. Replace transmitter

Why is the steam pressure zero?

a. Filter clogged

To do:

1. Check filter
2. Replace filter with a new one

How to fix low steam pressure?

a. Pressure drop over the filter is too high

To do:

1. Check filter
2. Clean or replace filter

We have a leakage. What to do?

a. Sealing problem

To do:

1. Check sealing for tare
2. Replace sealing

Why does the screen show red dots?

a. Bad communication between HMI and PLC

To do:

1. Check the cables
2. Replace cables if broken

b. Using the wrong ethernet port on HMI

To do:

1. Check the port number
2. Most time ethernet port 2 is used

Why is my screen black?

a. Water/condensate damage

To do:

1. Dry the HMI or replace with a new one
2. Undervoltage

What can I do to the float when it is frequently damaged?

a. Water hammer occurs

To do:

1. Examine the piping for problems that can cause water hammer


what to do when the steam leaks from a place other than the trap outlet?

a. Deterioration of or damage to gaskets

To do:

1. Replace with new gaskets

b. Improper tightening torque for cover was used

To do:

1. Tighten to the proper torque

Why is the steam discharged or it leaks from the trap outlet (blowing/steam leakage)?

a. Rust and scale has accumulated around the valve seat or under the float

To do:

1. Need cleaning

b. The Orifice is damaged

To do:

1. Replace with new valve seat

c. Float is deformed or coated with scale

To do:

1. Clean the float
2. Replace the float

d. Trap is installed above the maximum allowable inclination angle

To do:

1. Correct the installation

e. Vibration of trap occurs

To do:

1. Lengthen inlet piping, then fasten it securely

f. The air vent strip is damaged

To do:

1. Replace with a new air vent strip